Can Clonazepam be used in the treatment of vertigo & tinnitus?

Clonazepam belongs to the class of benzodiazepines and was traditionally used as an anti-epileptic drug. Due to its antiepileptic properties, it is prescribed to people with seizure disorders and panic disorders. However, with an increase in research, it has been proved to effective with patients facing vertigo and tinnitus. Therefore, you can see people who are taking Clonazepam for vertigo more than the ones who use it for seizure disorders.

Clonazepam for Tinnitus

Several medications have proved to be of therapeutic importance for patients who have tinnitus. Clonazepam has proved to be effective for treating tinnitus or at least making it less bothersome for the patients. However, it might not work the same way and prove to be effective for all tinnitus patients.

Tell Your Doctor

The effectiveness of Clonazepam is affected by several factors therefore it is very important to tell your doctor if you have some other health conditions or you are already taking some other medications. Some of the important things that you must tell your doctor before using Clonazepam for vertigo are the following:

• If you have a liver or kidney disorder
• If you are facing a mental illness
• If you are having societal thoughts
• If you are on an opioid-based medication
• If you are facing any respiratory discomfort

Buy Clonazepam for Vertigo

Due to diverse Klonopin uses, the medication is in high demand. If you are unable to purchase Clonazepam for vertigo from your local pharmacy then you must consider the online medication stores as a good option to buy Clonazepam online or COD. Buying Clonazepam online can be of various benefits including discounts and delivery at doorstep.

Mechanism of Action

Clonazepam works by enhancing the effect of the neurotransmitters in your brain that results in the calming of the brain and body. Due to this calming effect, Clonazepam can be abused and therefore should be kept out of reach of children and people with a history of drug abuse.

Keep in Mind

If your doctor provides you with complete guidelines to use Clonazepam then you must strictly follow the guidelines of your doctor. There are some other things that you must keep under consideration too, they are mentioned below:

• Clonazepam is habit-forming therefore you cannot alter your dose or stop taking Clonazepam based on your judgment.
• It is against the law to give Clonazepam to someone else or sell it if it is prescribed to you.
• You may be required to provide evidence of prescription even if you are purchasing Clonazepam online.
• The doctor will taper off Clonazepam once he establishes that you must stop taking it. Tapering off Clonazepam is done by reducing the dose gradually and then allowing the patient to discontinue when he shows stability for a low dose.
• You need to keep Clonazepam out of reach of children or people with a previous history of drug abuse.
• Avoid consuming alcohol while you are taking Clonazepam.